Nikoloski: Macedonia should be a country with the lowest taxes, 8% personal income tax, 0 for youth and reinvestment


The idea of ​​the New Political Consensus is to include as many segments as possible. For example, in the economy, we believe that Macedonia should be a country with the lowest taxes, because if taxes grow it does not bring more money in the budget, but a gray economy, business cannot withstand high taxes, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski told TV 24’s “Studio 10”.

Nikoloski emphasized that the idea is to reduce the personal income tax and profit tax to 8% for Macedonia to be again the country with the lowest tax, while for young people and those who reinvest to be zero percent.

According to Nikoloski, this is one of the key issues that should be adopted by general consensus, but not only by political parties but also by experts and the public and in the future no one can change it.

“In terms of economic logic, in 2006 Macedonia had 40% unemployment, but the tax reform in 2007 halved unemployment. The key is the new consensus that we will offer to all social structures, there are several issues in society for which there must be a broad social consensus, not only from political parties but also from a wider group of people who have had an impact on society such as MANU, universities, the public, the media, the intellectual mass”, said Nikoloski.

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