Sela: 2021 was a year of government scandals


Sufficient reason for early parliamentary elections is the “lack of legitimacy of the government”, said the leader of the Alliance for Albanians Zijadin Sela at the last meeting with journalists for the calendar year, adding that 2021 was “a year of government scandals” and they as the opposition were always here to do everything to overthrow the government.

“The main actors in government have no legitimacy. Kovachevski has no legitimacy, because the one who won the elections was Zaev, not Kovachevski, so that he could be a prime minister-designate. Zaev’s word is given to the public and he should either continue until the end if he can or call elections. Ali Ahmeti and the DUI also have no legitimacy to be part of that government. They came with the promise that there will be an Albanian Prime Minister, and now for the second time they are voting for a Macedonian Prime Minister. Why not vote for Nasser Ziberi, now is the time. The political party that in the first 100 days does not fulfill the given promises, from that moment loses its legitimacy. Afrim Gashi and Alternative have no legitimacy, because they have won votes together with Sela and the Alliance to bring change in Albanian society and send DUI into opposition,” Sela said.

Sela also assesses that there is a partial democracy in the country and that the current government is “similar to the regime that fell in 2017.”

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