New PM orders new cutlery – Government renews kitchen for over 37,000 euros, 88 euros per plate, and 10 euros per knife


The new Prime Minister in the Government will be welcomed with new catering utensils. The General and Common Affairs Service is renewing the government kitchen. In addition to white goods, it also procures new cutlery, with the highest quality, porcelain, stainless steel and crystal, reports MMS.

The contract worth over 37,000 euros was won by three companies – “Eurefi Engineering”, “DL Concord” and “Didax” all from Skopje. They need to submit to the government service, high quality white goods – sophisticated electric and gas grill, display case, stainless steel shock freezer, food freezer, iron, vacuum cleaner, food packaging machine… But also more sets of various dining utensils for the government’s kitchen.

The government will pay over 17,000 euros for catering utensils. Thus, for only one type of plates for main meal, the government will pay 4,588 denars without VAT, or one plate with VAT will cost over 5,400 denars or an incredible 88 euros per plate. Because he is looking for 30 pieces, he will pay around 2,650 euros for them alone. The other plates cost around 50 euros per piece, or from 1,144 denars for dessert, to over 3,700 denars per piece for others for the main meal. A stainless steel knife for the main dish costs an incredible 639 denars or 10.4 euros per piece.

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