“Glasen Tekstilec”: 46 Macedonian companies did not pay K-15 at all


Workers from 62 companies across the country reported to the NGO “Glasen Tekstilec” that they were not paid or received a minimum amount of 100 or 500 denars recourse for annual leave, also known as K-15. According to the data of “Glasen Tekstilec”, 46 Macedonian companies did not pay recourse for annual leave at all by the legally prescribed deadline, and 16 companies that only partially paid K-15.

“Glasen Tekstilec” says that the NGO has reports from workers from Shtip, Skopje, Kumanovo, but also from other cities across the country.

Most of the registered companies are from the textile and leather industry, but there are also private health institutions, cargo services, driving schools, companies dealing with catering activities, shops and casinos.


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