Kovachevski: Let’s show Europe that we can work together in the Balkans  


The intergovernmental session is a success, because only a week after our first meeting with the Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov we agreed to work more specifically on topics that will improve the economy, infrastructure, innovation, education, culture, everything that means better communication between citizens, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski at the opening of the intergovernmental session of the two countries, which is being held in Sofia.

All this, he added, should show Europe that cooperation in the Balkans can be established and that the two countries will establish an example of successful cooperation, MIA reports from Sofia.

“That is why today our colleagues from both governments will work on topics in the field of infrastructure, namely Corridor 8 in all its parts, road and rail, but also in the field of telecommunications,” said Kovachevski.

The PM noted that, among other things, topics in the field of education will be discussed, emphasizing that when we connect education we connect young people, increase their mobility, exchange of ideas, exchange of knowledge, which gives a greater synergistic effect.

“Kiril and I are known as people who like Excel charts, who want deadlines and want to achieve them. We will be here constantly and will constantly participate in the work of everything that will be done and we want at least once a week the working groups to inform themselves about the progress and thus make happy the citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria and the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia,” said Prime Minister Kovachevski.

Bulgaria’s PM Petkov said at the opening that before their meeting in Skopje, relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria were at a very low level, but from what has been achieved so far in the second week of his work with Kovachevski gives him hope that things will go in a positive direction.

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