We are not selective, the Prosecution prosecutes current officials, says Joveski


Unlike the previous period, now in the Public Prosecutor’s Office we have open cases for holders of the current government, for a senior government official, for state secretary in one of the ministries, then for prosecutors, judges and therefore my assessment is that the Prosecutor’s Office does not act selectively, but adheres to the framework of the law and non-selective justice, said Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski in an interview with RFE.

“The data on the jump of 24 places in relation to the Corruption Perceptions Index is not negligible. Let me just add that the US State Department report notes the growing fight against organized crime and corruption, and that is also the conclusion of the European Union report. If we take into account these data, these assessments in these reports, it will be seen that there is progress in the fight against corruption and organized crime in the Republic of Macedonia, but it must be honest and acknowledged that these reports also note certain actions or activities that should be undertaken by the state and especially when we talk about the competence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” said Joveski.

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