Opposition accuses that a truck transport company from the Ministry of Interior receives tenders for energy and infrastructure works


The Ministry of Interior, led by Oliver Spasovski, gave half a million euros to companies for truck transport, a tender for solar panels for hot water and the installation of the same police facilities, and it is about “Don Holding”, a small company from Skopje Hrom, well known to SDSM with the procurements in the Municipality of GjorchePetrov, where it was celebrated with the procurement of two washing machines of 25,500 euros and for which there is no investigation by the Ministry of Interior, no investigation by the institutions, VMROD-PMNE spokesperson NaumStoilkovski told the media on Sunday.

According to Stoilokovski, the ministry on Saturday with its denial of its previous disclosure of the dubious procurement only confirmed the scandal, saying that the mentioned company won the same tender in September last year but then it was annulled, so this year it was repeated in January.

He pointed out that there is another fact of connection between the ruling SDSM, the Minister of Interior from this party Oliver Spasovski and his ministry with the company “Don Holding” whose owner is a certain Slobodan Nastovski.

Stoilkovski pointed out that this raises the question of how it is possible for a company that is registered as the main activity for transport, freight truck transport and with one employee, to win two tenders of half a million euros each from the Ministry of Interior for solar panels and water and sewerage repairs.

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