Mickoski on the negotiations with Bulgaria: We negotiate with people who don’t know what negotiations are, but only know how to bow their heads


I want to be optimistic, because we are always optimistic that there will be a worthy agreement, that the agreement will not be one-sided, but will be really proportional, but unfortunately so far this has not happened, although they did not convince us earlier that they solved all problems with neighbors, and we see that the problems with the neighbors are not solved, but quite the opposite, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Thursday.

Mickoski also expressed concern that the Macedonian negotiating positions are constantly traded in the negotiations.

“I am more concerned about the fact that our negotiating positions are being traded continuously. It is continuously bidding with something that should not be negotiated. This is not how negotiations are conducted, but I understand them. Negotiate people who have not negotiated in their lives. Negotiated by people who in life only knew what it meant to bow their heads and reach the top according to the snail principle. They do not know what it really means to negotiate and succeed in those negotiations,” Mickoski said.

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