Intercity transport ticket prices go up by 15%


Starting Wednesday, passengers will pay 15 to 20 percent higher price for intercity transport, depending on the carrier operator in intercity traffic.

The reasons for the increase are the higher prices of fuels, spare materials, electricity and the proclamation – Sunday non-working day, where according to the law, they have to pay higher per diems to the employees.

Currently, the highest ticket price is for Ohrid, the last increase of one-way tickets went up to MKD 680, while the return ticket stands at MKD 930.

With the increase starting Wednesday, a one-way ticket to Gevgelija costs 520 denars, while a return ticket 770 denars. Plus there are more tolls to Gevgelija. But each carrier decides the price. For closer routes, such as Kumanovo or Veles, prices have increased by 20.30 denars, said Masar Omeragic.

The citizens are shocked. Without any announcement, they were forced to pay a more expensive ticket as of today.

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