Drastic increase of fuel prices, new prices might occur on a daily basis


The Energy Regulatory Commission yesterday made a decision with which the prices of oil derivatives have drastically increased since midnight.

According to the ERC decision, gasoline prices increased by 5.50 denars/liter on Tuesday midnight, and diesel by 10.00 denars/liter.

The new fuel prices that are valid from Tuesday midnight are as followed:

Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS – 95 89.50 (denars/liter)

Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS – 98 91.50 (denars/liter)

Diesel fuel EURODIESEL BS (DE V) 85.50 (denars/liter)

Burning oil Extra light 1 (EL-1) 83.50 (denars/liter)

Fuel oil M-1 NS 54,319 (denars/kg)

The ERC pointed out yesterday that this decision was made due to the record growth of all oil derivatives on world stock exchanges, and announced that they will make decisions on a daily basis if necessary.

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