Serbia’s ban on the export of wheat and corn will not apply to Macedonia


The ban on the export of wheat and corn from Serbia, which enters into force on Friday, will not apply to the country. Our millers will be able to provide the already agreed quantities, said Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Ljupcho Nikolovski on Thursday.

Nikolovski at a press conference in the Government building, after the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski announced the new measures to protect the standard of citizens and the liquidity of companies, said that intensive efforts are being made to find placement of fruits and vegetables, especially peaches, apples, tobacco and grapes.

In the coming period, the Government will consider other intervention measures in agriculture, which, of course, Nikolovski underlined, will be adopted in time.

“At my initiative, an online meeting was held today with the ministers of agriculture from the region. The Serbian Minister was not present, but were representatives of the Government and his Office. Serbia will make an appropriate decision tomorrow, today that decision will be sent to all of us, the ministers from the region. It was confirmed that the decision will not apply to the agreed quantities of wheat needed for our milling industry, i.e. that the decision will not apply to the region. A message to remain calm was sent again, that we have enough stocks, 45,000 tons of wheat, over 10,000 tons of corn, about 9,000 tons of barley. We have received assurances from Serbia that they will take care of the supply of the necessary products, wheat and other grain for the entire region, the decision will not apply to the countries in the region,” said Nikolovski.

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