Mickoski: We have less of state reserves by 300 million euros


If we knew 4 months ago that this could happen, we needed to prepare. If we had already filled the commodity reserves, if we had reserved for the future and if we had made transactions to secure then we would have paid cheaper prices and this would not have happened to us, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Alfa TV on Thursday.

Mickoski added that the situation with state reserves is catastrophic and therefore no one says anything. I do not expect any plan, strategy and vision, nor does anyone in the country expect anything from them. Their whole strategy moves by inertia, i.e. the system moves by itself.

“Currently, the state of the budget with inflows and expenditures is with a deficit of 13 million euros, i.e. about 215 million euros, they spent more than they have income. They will continue to spend because their plan is to lend money on the domestic market, but at the moment I guess it is not possible as they plan because those who have lent money, i.e. the banks have already lent,” said Mickoski.

Mickoski stressed that unfortunately this incompetence and lack of strategy will be paid by the children, i.e. all citizens.

“It is a fact that from September, October last year to February this year, the state reserves, despite the fact that the price of gold has increased, they have decreased by 300 million euros. In a few months we have less than 300 million euros of state reserves, although in the meantime the price of gold has increased, and if the price was the same then it is about 350 million euros and that is money that is spent from state reserves,” concluded Mickoski.

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