German national walks through Europe for four years, ends his trip in Bitola


Forty-year-old German national Carsten Schepers is a man who left Germany 4 years ago and started walking through European countries. He arrived in Bitola a few days ago. As 6800 euros were stolen from him during his trip to France, he ran out of money, so he asked the Red Cross for help with accommodation.

The Red Cross accommodated the traveler in its facilities, and he decided to retaliate and donate blood to the blood donation campaign organized by the Bitola Red Cross. Carsten says he likes it here and is even considering staying and finding a job. He says he has a good education and skills. He fled Germany because of the stress.

“So far I have passed 16 countries. I told many people here in Macedonia that I like this country with all its problems. If I find a job and a wife, I will stay in Macedonia, it is a really beautiful country and I like it. I left Germany because of the stress of work”, he said.

The traveler walked 14,000 kilometers in four year.

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