Arsovski: A non-existent company made a profit of millions from elevators, the Government should come out and say what that company is and who helped it


All that the citizens need to know about the Republic of Macedonia and this Government, is that a non-existent company with all accompanying forged documents managed to win 90 tenders for elevators in state institutions, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski answering a media question about the case which went public on Tuesday regarding the procurement and servicing of elevators in state institutions by a non-existent company.

Arsovski stressed that the Government should come out and reveal the name of that company.

“Why are they hiding it, why are they keeping it a secret, why are they silent? A non-existent company repaired elevators, applied for tenders in serious and institutions such as medical institutions and it can happen to one of the patients, someone can be injured because we do not know if that company did the right repairs of these elevators,” said Arsovski.

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