Commission for Infectious Diseases: Wearing face masks in primary schools to not be mandatory


Wearing masks in primary schools should not be mandatory, recommends the Commission for Infectious Diseases. This proposal of the Commission must be approved by the Government.

“In line with the new risk assessment algorithm, we made three recommendations. The first is that face masks should not be mandatory for primary school students. We release the students from the obligation to wear masks in schools, the obligation remains for the teachers and the technical staff, said President of the Commission for Infectious Diseases Dr. Aleksandar Petlichkovski on Wednesday.

Dr. Petlichkovski said that the majority of members of the Commission voted for this proposal, adding that the possibility remains for each student if they want to continue to wear a mask against COVID-19 to do so.

“We reviewed the epidemiological situation last week and based on the new risk assessment algorithm we believe that the capacity of cinemas, theaters and other indoor facilities where a restriction with a maximum fulfillment of 50 has worked, now a fulfillment of 75 percent can be allowed,” said Dr. Petlichkovski.

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