Fast flow for transporters at the Tabanovce border crossing according to the Open Balkans initiative


At the Tabanovce border crossing at the entrance to North Macedonia, the Customs Administration of Macedonia placed the first sign for a “green belt” for the Open Balkans, which is one of the first projects of the initiative that give a concrete and visible result for faster flow of goods, services, people and capital, inform the Government.

The most important benefit of the “Green Belt” for companies and transporters, as well as for the Authorized Economic Operators from the Open Balkans is the reduction of the waiting time at the border crossings. This is made possible through priority in the transition and implementation of customs procedures with shortened and facilitated physical and documentation controls.

“The approval for authorized economic operator issued by the Customs Administration is a confirmation that the person holding the AEO is a reliable and secure partner of the customs authority and has control over the processes of its operation, and with the protocols we mutually signed those certificates are equally valid for countries are part of the Open Balkans initiative. This is a significant benefit for companies from the three countries that can sell their goods faster and more efficiently,” the Government said in a press release.

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