Bekteshi announces new measures to mitigate the price shock


Additional autonomous measures are available to the Government and if we determine that additional price mitigation can be influenced after the necessary analyzes are made, they will be adopted, announced Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi Sunday night.

As Bekteshi during an interview with Sitel TV, so far over 1100 controls have been made by the State Market Inspectorate and the Public Revenue Office and appropriate fines have been imposed, but the measures are generally respected.

Measures in force, such as the one to reduce VAT on basic foodstuffs and the one to determine the margins of wholesalers and retailers, according to him, have an impact, but, as he stressed, we should keep in mind that they can certainly have an impact and the prices of the raw materials that are imported in our country in the part of the production price that is formed by the producers.

Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the Minister added, we will have accurate reports, we will review them at the Government and we will adopt appropriate measures.

According to Bekteshi, the extension of the decision to ban the export of cereals and cooking oil until April 15 instead of the initial planned 10 days, does not mean that the country is facing a shortage.

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