VMRO-DPMNE: The MoI is hiding something in the Tot murder, Spasovskineeds to resign


Oliver Spasovski is even more entangled with scandalous statements related to the murder of handball player Denis Tot. Five days after the murder, Spasovski says that the police have the video of the murder, after the whole public saw it, and does not explain why the Ministry of Interior two days after the murder claimed that there was no violence and informed that the handball player was not assaulted,” VMRO-DPMNE reacted.

The opposition party adds that Spasovski did not convince the public at all that the Ministry of Interior is not covering up the case, but on the contrary, as stated in the party statement: “In fact, five days after the event, Spasovski announced that one of the persons is wanted and that after 5 days” an international and domestic arrest warrant will be issued “?!

The reaction of the Ministry of Interior and the views that the Ministry of Interior gave on the case show that something is being hidden and neglected. That is why Spasovski should resign immediately, the party said in a press release on Wednesday.

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