Following the murder of Croatian handball player Tot, media investigate: Nightclubs in Skopje controlled by mafia


More Croatian media teams are present in Skopje these days trying to reveal the truth about the murder of the Croatian handball player Denis Tot in front of the “Privilege” nightclub in the Skopje City Park.

“Jutarnji list” has released information about possible owners of the club.

“Although Stefan Stamenkov is officially listed as SEO of the Skopje company “Super Light Park “, which is behind the “Privilege” nightclub in the Skopje city park, it is a public secret that the owner of the disco is Cvetko Dicevski, better known as Cvetko or Cvele Privilege. He is a person who has a murder record in an attempt to inflict severe bodily injuries in 2013, and after the Croatian handball player Denis Tot (27), who played for Skopje RK Butel, was beaten to death in front of that folk club on April 7 around 3.30 am, the person in question deleted his Facebook account, reports “Jutarnji list”.

“The mafia has historically always tried to control nightlife to some degree because it offers them many benefits: from the illegal drug market to a number of creative ways of laundering dirty money,” Jutarnji wrote.

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