Skrijelj: It is necessary to end the education strike, the interest of the children comes first


The interest of the children and their educational process should be in the first place for all of us. Another loss of classes, after the past two years the teaching took place in difficult conditions due to the pandemic is to the detriment of the children. Especially great damage can be done to thousands of graduates, because the deadlines for taking the graduation exam and the final exam are getting closer. We urge for the children to return to the classrooms have rightly arrived from UNICEF and the Ombudsman,” said SDSM MP SanelaSkrijelj on Monday’s press briefing.

The MP added that the right to education is guaranteed by the Constitution, as well as the right to strike, but the strike must not be to the detriment of children, and students and their parents should be kept in suspense.

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