Even if the negotiations with Bulgaria last for a hundred years, the Macedonian identity cannot be erased, says Marichikj


In some circles in Bulgaria there are some theses about the Macedonian identity, but even if the process lasts a hundred years, it cannot have the effect of changing the identity. We know who we are and what we are and we know that a nation is not created or erased by a decision, said Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs BojanMarichikj.

In today’s interview on “Utrinskibrifing”, Marichikj said that this could not be the goal in 2022 and in the 21st century and that until the event in Bitola, the course of talks was with dignity at the level of partners and NATO allies.

“It is important not to let the atmosphere and the narrative change. Let’s not allow nationalism and radicalism to prevail,” Marichikjstressed.


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