State owes EUR 197 million to the private sector, EUR 43 million more than last year


The Ministry of Finance has released the latest data on due and unpaid liabilities of the state to the public sector, to individuals, abroad and liabilities to the private sector, citizens’ associations and other non-profit organizations.

The number of outstanding liabilities to the private sector, to Macedonian businessmen in the year when most are on the verge of profitability, is really large – 197 million euros.

The total domestic debt (due and unpaid liabilities at all levels of the state) at the end of the first quarter of the year amounted to 392 million euros. The figure was similar for the last quarter last year – 393 million euros.

Indicative is the significant increase in debt to the private sector, by 43 million euros compared to the first quarter last year. In contrast, in the first quarter of this year we have a reduction of debt to the public sector by 47 million euros.



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