Kovachevski: On May 9, we proudly celebrate the victory over fascism and the grand idea of ​​Europe


Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski addressed the ceremony on the occasion of May 9 – Victory over Fascism Day and Europe Day, which was held in the Government yard.

The ceremony on the occasion of May 9, began with laying wreaths of fresh flowers in front of the monument “Liberators of Skopje” to celebrate the holidays – Victory over Fascism and Europe Day, as two historical events that are embedded in the existence of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and which We celebrate the citizens of our country, together with the peoples of our allied and partner countries in NATO and the EU as common values.

Our fellow citizens of that time, members of all ethnic communities, gave their lives because they chose to side with the allied, anti-fascist forces, which decided to unite and stand in the way of the fascist occupiers.

That is why today we have strong, great reasons to celebrate and be part of the celebrations across Europe.

Let’s celebrate the victories over fascism and let us celebrate the grand idea of ​​Europe.

“That is why May 9 is a day when we celebrate another historical event rooted in the foundations of the post-war history of Europe,” Kovachevski said.

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