Nikoloski meets Plenković and Cappelli: Macedonia deserves to start EU accession talks and end Bulgaria blockade


 During his visit to Zagreb, the Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski met on Friday with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković and the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Croatian Parliament Gari Cappelli.

Nikoloski pointed out that he would open the issues that are important for Macedonia.

”Also within the event organized by the Friends of Europe for the 40 most influential people under 40, we have numerous meetings that are held in the next three days where the 40 most influential people from Europe will discuss the common vision and prospects that can come in Europe. First of all, I plan to open the issues that are important for Macedonia, especially in the area of ​​economic development, cooperation and good progress and the fight against corruption, something that especially affects Macedonia,” Nikoloski said.

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