Stoilkovski demands Talat Xhaferi’s resignation due to primitivism


Look at the real face of the government and the primitivism in the exercise of power, unworthy of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia! There is no other step after Talat Xhaferi’s primitivism except his resignation! Talat Xhaferi, with all his primitivism in Parliament, is unworthy to lead and be a member of the legislature. The primitivism from Forino has no place in Parliament! For such primitivism, violence, vulgarities, there is no place in any Parliament, at least in the Macedonian one, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at Friday’s press conference.

Stoilkovski pointed out that this confirmed recording of Talat Xhaferi also calls into question his business ability, but he also asked if there are addictions behind Talat Xhaferi behind the vulgarities that cause abstinence crises and the impossibility of rationally conducting the sessions of the Parliament?

The opposition spokesperson points out that all this is just a reason for Xhaferi’s irrevocable resignation.

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