Mickoski:  Government should not cut funds for the rescue of Lake Prespa, but triple the funds for that purpose


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Wednesday stressed that the party continues with the activities throughout Macedonia, during his visit to Resen.

“I use this opportunity to send a message to the Minister of Environment, to the Minister of Finance, who come from the party that at times when it leaves the nationalist positions, the positions of division, promotes green projects, i.e. green agenda, not to cut the intended means that are intended for the salvation of Lake Prespa, but on the contrary to stimulate them, because Resen is a multiethnic city. There is a majority of Macedonians here, but also Albanians, Turks and others also live and we should all fight together and save Resen. And since they come from a party that not so long ago promoted a green agenda, here is their chance, here is their opportunity to show and prove that at times when it is necessary for personal interests, they will not abuse it, but will really help preserve this pearl , this Prespa Lake. And instead of cutting those funds that are currently on the earmarked account to duplicate them, and why not even triple them. And all together, the government and the city to work for the protection of Lake Prespa,” said Mickoski.

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