Diesel to cost over MKD 100, higher fuel prices as of Monday midnight


    The Energy Regulatory Commission has adopted a Decision increasing the retail prices of oil derivatives by an average of 1.30%.
    Retail prices of EUROSUPER BS-95 gasoline and Extra Light Household Oil (EL-1) increase by MKD 1.00 / liter, while the retail price of EUROSUPER BS-98 gasoline increases by MKD 0.50 / liter.
    The retail price of EURODIESEL (DE V) increases by MKD 2.50 / liter.
    The retail price of fuel oil M-1 NS increases by MKD 0.868 / kg and will now amount to MKD 55.508 / kg.
    Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS – 95 110.00 (denars / liter)
    Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS – 98 112.00 (denars / liter)
    Diesel fuel EURODIESEL BS (DE V) 102.00 (denars / liter)
    Burning oil Extra light 1 (EL-1) 99.50 (denars / liter)
    Fuel oil M-1 NS 55,508 (denars / kg)

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