Households to calculate for themselves how much they spend and how much they have to pay for electricity, ERC releases a calculator


The consumption of electricity in the term for cheap electricity will not enter the block tariffs according to the new tariff, said the President of the Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water Services Marko Bislimovski. ERC has published a calculator for the citizens and they will be able to check for themselves how much they spend and pay for electricity now, and how much they will pay for the same consumption when the payment is based on tariffs. The comparison of bills will be done online.

Higher electricity bills will be paid by those who consume more than 420 kilowatt hours of electricity at a high tariff.

Professor Rubin Talevski from FEEIT reiterated that most households spend 300 to 700 kilowatt hours of electricity per month in the winter, and slightly less in the summer, and only one percent spend more than 3,000 kilowatt hours.

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