The SDSM government has created destructive inflation and more expensive food and energy


The opposition MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Antonio Miloshoski at a press conference on Wednesday addressed a message to the Macedonian public that the sooner departure of the current government means a better perspective for citizens.

“It’s enough, because SDSM and DUI are making high inflation, increasing the price of food and energy by 30 to 100%. Oil is 107% more expensive, a kilogram of flour by 80%, a liter of milk is already 50% more expensive, sugar by 36%, and fuels are up to 70% more expensive. We have 30% more expensive electricity with the announcement of a new price increase in July. Even after this, someone does not believe the Government that inflation is only 12%. Every day, people see and feel in their own pockets that what they bought last year for 500 denars, today they cannot buy it even for 1,000 denars,” MP MIloshoski said.

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