ESM offers a higher selling price of 7 euros for the electricity it produces


AD ESM offered a price of produced electricity of 48 euros per megawatt hour for the period July-December 2022. The price for the previous six months, January-June 2022 was 41e/MWh.

“The price correction must be seen in the context of the enormous increase in energy prices globally, as well as their unavailability, especially during the heating season. The prices of fuel oil, coal, gas and electricity are extremely high and there are difficulties in procurement, which affects the production price of electricity from AD ESM,” said the state-owned company Elektrostopanstvo na Makedonija (ESM).

The company adds that, when analyzing the offered price of 48 euros per megawatt hour, it should be taken into account that the prices for electricity on the HUDEX stock exchange for the period July-December 2022. range between 320 and 360 euros per megawatt hour. If AD ESM calculates the market price to EVN Home, then the final price for the citizens would be close to the stock market prices.a

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