Antovski: The people will pay more for electricity because the government destroyed REK


AD ESM on the tender of EVN HOME for the period July-December 2022 submitted a bid that will cover 100% of the needs of EVN HOME on the regulated electricity market, at a price of 48 EUR/MWh. This price is 17% higher than the previous price which was 41 EUR/MWh, said Stevche Antovski, member of the VMRO-DPMNE Energy Committee of at Monday’s press conference.
Antovski pointed out that this is sufficient proof that a new big increase in the price of electricity is waiting for us from July this year.
As he pointed out on Monday, all companies that produce electricity in the world make large profits, due to high stock market prices. Only our domestic company for production of electricity AD ELEM generates losses.
“Instead of completely correct and repaired production facilities with timely and sufficient coal mining, the SDSM Government in just five years managed to completely destroy REK Bitola. Without proper and timely maintenance and modernization, with frequent breakdowns and fires in the blocks, with flooded mines and tenders in four eyes, without new deposits and coal mining, it is clear that ELEM will produce less and less electricity every year,” Antovski said.

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