Mickoski: SDSM and DUI want to extend the terms of judges and prosecutors who are their henchmen, VMRO-DPMNE opposed it


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski during Thursday’s visit to the Municipality of Gazi Baba, answering a media question why VMRO-DPMNE MPs strongly oppose the legal amendments to the Law on Labor Relations which extend the terms of judges and public prosecutors, said that through these changes the government aims to extend the working life of judges and public prosecutors who are henchmen of SDSM and DUI.
“The public needs to understand why this is happening. I do not know if it is clear enough and if it is sufficiently explained. The goal is to extend the working life of a number of judges and prosecutors who are obedient to SDSM and DUI so that they can make additional judgments like the one in Ohrid where the hotel camera recorded a beating, where we have five witnesses who confirm that there was a beating, only the judge says there was no beating and releases the assailant. Such judges now have to extend their working life for another period in order to deliver to the ruling parties from SDSM and DUI and they do not do that through the home law, and that is the Law on Courts because it is a systemic law. When I say systemic law, two thirds of the total number of MPs are needed, i.e. 80 MPs, and because they do not have the support of us and they know that it cannot happen, that is why through the labor law which is voted by a simple majority, i.e. 61 they still brand it with a European flag and decide to forcibly extend the working life of these henchmen in the prosecution and judiciary of SDSM and DUI,” Mickoski stressed.

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