Synod of the MOC-OA appeals for the preservation of Macedonian national interests


The Holy Synod of Bishops (SAS) of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archdiocese (MOC – OA) appealed for the inviolable preservation of Macedonian national interests.

The Synod of the MOC-OA announced that yesterday at the session it referred to the developments related to our European integration process. The Synod expects, in a transparent manner, the Government, in cooperation with all competent socio-political factors in the Macedonian society, to build an attitude that will fully preserve the Macedonian identity, the Macedonian language and culture within the framework of European values. In this process, historical issues and the Good Neighborliness Treaty with Bulgaria should not be part of the negotiation framework.

“We express hope that the Bulgarian authorities will perceive the reality and will recall the recommendations of the international institutions and will enable the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria to exercise their basic human rights, in fact, on a reciprocal basis – bearing in mind the request of the Bulgarian side to the Macedonian side,” reads the MOC-OA press release.

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