One page of information about the content of the negotiating framework, that’s ridiculous


We received half a page yesterday, I think it’s a ridiculous and irresponsible approach. The Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi cannot accept this as information because it does not meet the procedural criteria for the Assembly to be able to debate, said Pavle Trajanov, leader of the Democratic Union (DS) party, regarding the Information on the content of the Proposal-Negotiating Framework for the accession negotiations of N. Macedonia with the European Union which the Government sent to the Parliament on Thursday.

“It is not recommended that the MPs do not have a total of material in front of them to be able to discuss, and the Government is waiting for support. I suggest that the Information should be formatted as it should be in accordance with the Rules of Procedure and that the three documents be attached – the Proposal-conclusions of the Council of Europe, the introductory statement of the Council of the EU and the Negotiating Framework. And independently of those three, we must all see the Protocol that is harmonized, perhaps already approved by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and Macedonia, because that Protocol contains the key elements to which Macedonia commits. There is no need to hide from the public, to open a discussion about it, because it is a package of documents that basically should be implemented by the Republic of Macedonia, regardless of this or any subsequent government,” Trajanov pointed out at a press conference.

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