Pendarovski admits that the history of Macedonia will change according to Bulgaria’s demands?!


Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski during an interview with TV21 addressed the dispute with Bulgaria in the “Click Plus” political show, stating that if a certain issue is not resolved, according to their understanding, a blockade will follow.

“The Commission consisting of 7 Macedonians and 7 Bulgarians talks and if both parties agree, they send recommendations to the two governments. If the two governments agree, they let a certain ministry, let’s say in our country the Ministry of Education and Culture, if we are talking about a textbook. Further in their procedure, according to the law, they find authors who will write a textbook for grades 5 and 6… If the commission agrees, it makes a recommendation to the government. Ultimately, it is the textbook author who bears full responsibility. Will that wording be used? According to the treaty with Bulgaria made in 2017, it does not say that what the Commission will conclude is a done deal,” said President Pendarovski.

When asked what if the commission does not find a solution, President Pendarovski pointed out:

“Blockade from Bulgaria!”

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