If the Government does not help with the electricity price, there will be layoffs and shutdowns, warns Azeski


If the Government does not help the business that is faced with enormous electricity bills, there will be a reduction in production, shutdowns of companies and layoffs, warned the president of the Chamber of Commerce Branko Azeski on Thursday.

Azeski informed that this evening representatives from the Chamber will have a meeting with Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski.

“In the Chamber at this moment 1,000 percent will be treated only one issue – the price of electricity. If the Government does not intervene and help in this situation, there is no other solution but to close. We hope that it will not come to that, we all know the problems that have been accumulating for 30 years and with that low maintenance and subsidization of the price of electricity, now that increase seems huge in this situation,” said Azeski before the visit to the company “Kostal Macedonia” in Ohrid, along with the other members of the Management Board of the Chamber Investment Forum (KIF).

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