560 COVID-19 patients received hemofiltration in “Zhan Mitrev”, each case to be analyzed


Minister of Health Bekim Sali stressed at Friday’s press conference that five institutions related to the Ministry of Health will analyze individually each file of the COVID-19 patients who were treated with hemofiltration in the “Zhan Mitrev” private clinic in Skopje.

“We requested the cooperation of five institutions: DSZI, Medical Chamber, MALMED, the Commission for Intrahospital Infections and the Expert Commission which will work on the analysis of each individual case for the indications for the application of hemofiltration in the treatment of covid patients. We received materials from the “Zhan Mitrev” clinic. It concerns 560 patients who were treated with hemofiltration. We will need time to analyze those files, because we have patients who have been there for a month,” Sali pointed out.

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