Dimitrievski: DUI rules for more than 20 years and does what it wants, and is not responsible for anything even though there were indications of crimes


Mayor of Kumanovo Municipality Maksim Dimitrievski indicated on Friday in the summer edition of the “Klik 21” political show on TV21 that the Albanian Macedonian party DUI ruled for more than 20 years in Macedonia and it was not responsible for anything, and there were indications of crimes and scandals.

“DUI is the one who has been ruling the country for more than 20 years and you see that it is not responsible for anything, it takes actions as strictly as it suits the party, from a political point of view. The priority of politics is always before the state priority and it is normal that they protect each other. You don’t have a single political official from this party who is accountable, and you had countless affairs, corruptions, crimes, etc.” says Mayor Dimitrievski.

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