AHV destroyed about 54 tons of food in six months


In the first six months of 2022, the AHV inspection services conducted a total of 22,564 inspections, during which they determined 1,072 inconsistencies, for which appropriate measures were imposed. As unsafe, the inspectors and operators destroyed about 54 tons of food, most of it or 53,070 kilograms of food of animal origin. A total of 72 food safety complaints were submitted, of which 12 were about changed organoleptic properties of dairy and cured meat products, 10 were about the presence of contaminants, 10 were about doubts about the safety of the products and eight were due to suspicion of food poisoning.

The data of the Institute of Public Health, available to AHV, show that so far only one case of food poisoning has been recorded, recently, at the ” Kromberg ” factory based in Bitola. In 2021, two food poisoning incidents were reported, and in 2020 there was only one case. In 2019, three incidents were recorded, and in 2018, a total of eight incidents.

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