In which sectors does Macedonia spend money on research?


About 22 euros per capita are spent on research and development in the country annually. Most funds go to research in healthcare and education, and the least for defense and energy.
According to the data from the State Statistics Office (SSO), in 2020 a total of 2,494,023,000 denars or 40,553,219 euros were allocated for research and development in the country. Of them, the largest part – 63.5 percent are from the higher education sector, followed by the business sector – 25.6 percent, the state sector – 9.6 percent and only 1.1 percent in the private non-profit sector.
Most of the funds for research and development in the higher education sector or half are from the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), while in the business sector over 80 percent are from own funds. Over 98 percent of R&D funding in the private non-profit sector is foreign-sourced.

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