Bulgaria is trying to assimilate the Macedonian minority in Albania by using 19th century methods, says Sterjovski


There is no Bulgarian minority in Albania. Bulgaria considers the Macedonian community in Albania as Bulgarian, as in other Balkan countries, and this is connected with Sofia’s policy towards Skopje – the leader of the party of Macedonians in Albania Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (MAEI) Vasil Sterjovski said in an interview with the Albanian TV channel Euronews Albania.

“All this is related to the policy and the relationship of the Bulgarian state, which it has in general with the Macedonian nation and with Macedonia, but wherever there is a Macedonian minority in other Balkan countries, Bulgaria claims that they are Bulgarians. Bulgaria expanded its propaganda in the areas where the Macedonian minority lives in Albania, in the area of ​​Gora, Prespa and Golo Brdo,” said Sterjovski.

The party leader said that ‘taking advantage of its membership in the European Union, Bulgaria threatened Albania with a veto to recognize a non-existent minority’.

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