Kovachevski: All 120 MPs should support the constitutional amendments


The MPs who represent the citizens should be up to the task and all 120 should support the continuation of the country’s path towards full EU membership, Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said n Friday, asked regarding the announced constitutional amendments.

“I believe that all 120 MPs should support the constitutional amendments because they bring in parts of other peoples who live here, who have expressed their desire to be part of our Constitution. We already have several parts of nations that are part of the Constitution, in addition to the Macedonian people. There are countries with as many as 25 nations in the Constitution, like Croatia, and this only enriches social cohesion. Regarding the sufficient number of deputies who would vote for the constitutional amendments, I said that it is the responsibility of every deputy, because they have an obligation to the citizens and the country regarding the European future. That’s why there is a discussion in the Parliament that should be based on arguments, facts and the perspectives of the country,” PM Kovachevski pointed out.


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