Minister of Foreign Affairs: We managed to get the country out of the Balkan vortex at the last moment


The Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, BujarOsmani, gave an account of the work done during his two-year term as minister at a press conference ton Sunday, and he referred to the five priorities in his mandate mission, starting with Bulgaria as the biggest challenge.

“I have singled out five priorities as the main goals we want to achieve in this mandate in foreign policy. These are good neighborly relations, the European Union, the partnership with the USA, multilateral activity and economic diplomacy,” said Osmani.

The minister explained that the French proposal represents an upgrade of the previous three proposals and attempts of presidencies and a solution acceptable to both sides.

“I know that the public is still divided, and I am convinced that we made a good and strategic decision, which time will show that it was so, and we managed to pull the country out of the Balkan vortex at the last moment and launch it into an irreversible path of Europeanization and stabilization,” Osmani added.

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