VMRO-DPMNE starts procedure for mandatory referendum for cancelling the Bulgaria Treaty signed by SDSM, which is the root of all negations


VMRO-DPMNE is starting a procedure for a mandatory referendum with the aim of canceling the treaty with Bulgaria signed by SDSM, which is the root of all negations, the opposition party says.

The party’s Executive Committee made a decision to approach the collection of 100 signatures for a citizens’ initiative, the first signatory of which will be the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski and the management, after which we expect the assembly to approve the initiative, after which the collection deadlines will begin of 150,000 signatures, in order to organize a Referendum.

The referendum question will read: Are you in favor of abandoning the validity of the LAW ON THE RATIFICATION OF THE TREATY OF FRIENDSHIP, GOOD-NEIGHBORLINESS AND COOPERATION BETWEEN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA AND THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA published in the Official Gazette No: 12/2018 of 18.01.2018?

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