Bread and milk prices to go up again by at least 10 percent


Bread and milk will become more expensive yet again. Despite frozen margins, prices of basic products will continue to rise. In an interview with TV Sitel, the mill-bakery industry said that they will wait for concrete measures from the government until Wednesday. If they don’t get help, bread and bakery products would go up in price by at least 10%. They cited extremely expensive energy as the main basis for the new prices.

For the same reason, milk processors have already announced that by the end of next month, the price of milk and milk products will increase by 20%. Manufacturers, on the other hand, feel damaged.

“Yes, we heard from the dairies that they want to raise the price of milk and milk products again, and our milk remains at the same price. I don’t know how much we were paid for this month, the calculations haven’t arrived yet. We took the money and I think the price is MKD 28 per liter of milk. It is a small price,” said livestock farmer Toni Petkovski.


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