Kovacevski and his best man, with deep connections within SDS, resemble a criminal association that turned over 26 million euros, says Lefkov


The “Broilo” scandal brought to the surface the solar cartel, which is concentrated around the deserter Kovachevski. We disclosed how two related companies Pikcell Group founded by Kovachevski and his best man Paunov, and KMG EOL Kvazarfounded only by Paunov, after SDS was in power entered into businesses of over 26 million euros. All the facts so far indicate that the Solar Cartel around Kovachevski resembles a criminal association that was formed after the SDS came to power, said MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Mile Lefkov at press briefing on Sunday.

Lefkov listed the facts: 1. Kovachevski and his best man, who has been a SDS official for almost 20 years, founded the company Pikcell Group, around which the “Broilo” scandal revolves. 2. Pikcell Group is the company that manufactures the photovoltaic panels, and KMG EOL Kvazar sells and installs them.

“The outlines of the “Broilo” scandal are clear, which follows the coming of SDS to power and the growth of Kovachevski in politics, how he advances in the hierarchy in SDS and the government, so the agreements and deals of Pikcell Groupand KMG EOL Kvazar are all bigger,” added Lefkov.

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