New set of measures worth over EUR 350 million to tackle energy crisis


The Government at Sunday’s session adopted a new set of measures aimed at tackling the energy and price crisis, estimated at over EUR 350 million.

As Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski informed on Sunday, with these funds, the total support for the easier overcoming of the crisis in all spheres amounts to 750 million euros.

The protection of the standard of living of the citizens and the liquidity of the companies, emphasized the Prime Minister, remain a priority.

“The key message today is that we will forget no one and leave them alone to deal with the consequences of the crisis. We will get through the crisis together,”Kovachevski said at a press conference after the regular 88th government session.

The Prime Minister underlined that there must be energy sources, heating and electricity, but also targeted measures for the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

“We manage the Budget well again and return the money back to the citizens, especially to the most vulnerable categories. We made deep consultations with experts, employers, chambers of commerce and pensioners, science,… We completed the measures to support citizens and companies, but from today we will work even more dedicatedly to overcome the crisis. We act decisively and take measures that mitigate the crisis,”Kovachevski pointed out.

The PM also referred to the funds provided by the rebalancing of the Budget, which will be realized in the coming period.

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