Davitkovski: The state should cancel associations that have provocative names and programs


University professor Borche Davitkovski shared his opinion on Bulgarian cultural centers with the names of controversial personalities are springing up in Macedonia in an interview with Studio 10, and pointed out that the country must respect the interests of citizens and prevent the opening of associations with provocative names and programs.
“In the direction of the current opening of new associations, as a state we must show our teeth and rise. The laws must be obeyed. The registration in the register of associations that have names and programs that irritate citizens must be canceled. Those who approve these things must first check the name and the program. If there is no response from the state, it seems like mushrooms will spring up everywhere. I must mention that we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations. If anyone thinks that they are denied to open an organization with provocative inscriptions, feel free to contact Strasbourg. We are fighting for the Macedonian country that must protect the interests of our citizens,” said Porfessor Davitkovski.

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