Mickoski about the president of the Tsar Boris III club: We met once and he gave me a book, I gave it back


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, at a press conference on Monday said that he does not know the president of the Bulgarian club in Ohrid “Tsar Boris III”, Tome Blazhevski. Commenting on the photo circulating on social media, showing Mickoski in Blazhevski’s company, the leader of the largest opposition party, he said:
“I know exactly when that photo was taken. We were in Bigorski Monastery to light candles and they were there as a group. They gave me a book, which I, of course, handed back. That is my only meeting with that man,” said Mickoski.
When asked to comment on the opening of the Bulgarian club in Ohrid, Mickoski pointed out that it was a big provocation that comes as a result of “the subservient and treacherous policies of the SDSM government”.

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