One of the most important recommendations of UNESCO is being implemented, Environment Minister claims


The Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Naser Nuredini, as part of the visit to the municipality of Debarca, accompanied by Mayor Zoran Nogaceski and representatives from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on Saturday inspected the activities for the restoration and diversion of the natural riverbed of the river Sateska that flows into the river Crn Drim, in the southwestern part of the country.

“We are undertaking specific activities as a Ministry to implement our commitments to protect the environment, and the project to restore the bed of the Sateska River and redirect it to its natural course, in addition to being one of the key activities to increase the region’s resistance to climate-induced flood risks, is of particular importance to us in terms of the final solution to the environmental problem from the impact of the current bed and tributary of the Satesca River into Lake Ohrid. The pollution of the unique Ohrid ecosystem has been noted as a key problem, and that is precisely why it is our duty and obligation to protect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of this important UNESCO area”, said Minister Nuredini.

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